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"It is out of the deepest depththat the highest must come to its height"
Men Therapy Session

My Approach

How we focus our attention on different things in different ways can significantly affect the quality of our emotions, relationships, and overall mental and spiritual lives. Serious anxiety, depression, and anger are made all the more crippling as they creep in the depths, beneath our field of awareness. As these and other issues are carefully brought into view, examined thoroughly, and re-integrated into the narrative of our lives, the immovable rigidity or wild chaos that we may have felt can be gradually alleviated. It is here that we can find ourselves surveying our own existence from the height of resilience.

I am excited to utilize an approach based on the teaching and practice of several key mental skills to help people cultivate well-being in their inner and relational lives. The basic mental-skills I guide clients to practice include: Attention Regulation, Bodily Awareness, Witnessing the Stream of Thought, Emotional Regulation, Adaptation of Sense-of-Self, and Self- Compassion. In addition to these skills, I also provide clients with self-knowledge through discussions and descriptions of the function and structure of the brain, mind, and relationships. I also use Narrative Therapy and Jungian-influenced therapy with competence and enthusiasm as a part of my therapeutic modality.     

My approach to individual and family therapy involves an emphasis on expanding the awareness of living in the present moment, exploring in what way life is influenced by - and sometimes shaped by - past experience, and approaching the future with the wisdom and tools that will enable clients to strive toward preferential living. My treatment modality is led by research strongly influenced by Interpersonal Neurobiology, mental-skills training, Jungian thought, and Narrative Therapy. Utilizing these models of mental and emotional health during every appointment, clients will be involved in the process of gaining a broadening sense of self by creatively discovering the mind, understanding the brain, and enriching relationships that will enable well-being to emerge within individuals and family systems.