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"It is out of the deepest depththat the highest must come to its height"
Men Therapy Session

Individual and Family Therapy


Transformation: moving from mental suffering to resilience and well-being

Having a safe and trusting place to experience self-growth is a vital part of living that every human being deserves. Life presents challenges to us all. At Highest Heights Individual and Family Therapy, clients are met with a warm and attuned presence and given the opportunity to aspire to new heights in their mental, emotional, and relational lives.

The goal of Highest Heights is to provide the service of helping clients in the Greenville-Spartanburg, SC area cultivate mental wellness and skillful living through openness, observation, and non-judgment. Mental wellness is living with wisdom and insight about oneself, one's problems, and one's surroundings. Skillful living means developing the mental skills that lead to a path of transformative self-knowledge. Dialogue and conversation are the platforms of therapy; mindful attention and discernment are the tools.

Entering into therapy is a decision that may not come lightly. Understanding its importance and purpose can lead to comfort. To provide an opportunity for that comfort, Highest Heights offers a free, 30-minute face-to-face consultation.